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SAMPO is the local No. 1 brand for Home Appliances in Taiwan and also is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of digital consumer and industrial products, including Smart Home Appliances, LCD TVs, Video Conference Displays, Digital Signage Displays, POS/Touch Displays and Network-Connected Devices.

For more than 86 years, we have been driven by a single obsession to support our customers' most important needs. By capitalizing on the advantages of vertical integration, SAMPO makes full use of the supply of key components such as Air-Conditioning Compressor and Power Board, Inverter from its different subsidiaries located all over the world to expand diverse business operations.

SAMPO is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) since 1970, under the trading code of 1604.

SAMPO factory in Tainan generates electricity using renewable energy and recycles water resources. The factory abides by government environmental standards from production to the very products it manufactures.

This is how SAMPO demonstrates it cares about Taiwan.

In the future, SAMPO will continue to strive to provide people in Taiwan with excellent, locally-made products.

SAMPO carries on the business philosophy of its founder Chen Mao-Pang, sincerity, teamwork, and innovation. Its work is focused on core values, including the brand, retailers and services.

SAMPO continues to march at the forefront of our times, and remains focused on daily needs. Without a doubt, its works conveys the key spirit of Taiwan Excellence.



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Quality Certifications

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