Sampo Group

SAMPO Corporation, founded in 1936 (named Dong Zheng Tang in beginning), has been transformed rapidly from a traditional Home Appliance manufacturer into a Digital Home Appliance and Service oriented enterprise with time goes by. Not only integrated upstream and downstream industrial chains, but also expanded diverse business operations to form today's SAMPO Group.

SAMPO Corporation values the great importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so as to set up a Foundation to actively participate in various public service activities, and also establish the Chinese Senior Citizens Association to care the life of silver-haired seniors.

SAMPO Group owns polynary affiliate enterprises which include RECHI Precision, DERBAO Home Appliances, AMIGO Logistics, Sampo Home Inc., NELONG Enterprise, Dongguan Sampo Electronics, Sampo International Food Service (GANKO), and Sampo Japan Incorporation. These enable us, from upstream key components, R&D and manufacturing to sales, logistics distribution and after-sales service, to focus on the development of core businesses and may exert the advantages of vertical integration from supply chains then to reinforce the strategic targets of investment layout for SAMPO Group.